Our client story

Just For Kicks Football Clinics

When we met Yan, he had an idea, and an incredible amount of passion. Being a school teacher by trade, Yan was extremely green to business, what he may have lacked in business wise, he made up for in abundance when it came to passion and expert knowledge in his field. Yan wanted us to create a website to showcase his new company, Just For Kicks Football Clinics.

Initially, Yan wanted a simple website that showcased his services and to communicate the value that he would be bringing to kids when they attend his Just For Kicks Football Clinics program. Using our professional opinion and foresight, we encouraged Yan to spend a little bit extra money and to have his website act not only as a reference point, but also a payment gateway. We integrated Paypal and Stripe to ensure that the payment gateway was secure and that users had an extremely clean and professional user experience. Yan now brings in significant income from his website and hasn’t had to deal with the headaches of payment paperwork.

What makes the Just For Kicks website work? Well, our strategy was to intertwine information and fun, we needed parents to look at the page and sense the professionalism and diligence of Yan, and to ensure their children are in good hands, but to also engage with the website, have fun, and to give them a strong, lasting, impression that their kids will be enjoying themselves and learning new things!

Yan’s conversion rate is one of the highest that we have seen, the average e-commerce website has a conversion rate of 2.5%. Meaning, 2.5 out of 100 people will make a purchase once they have gone on their website. Yan’s conversion rate sits at 31%, meaning it’s more than ten times as effective as they average e-comm website. Why? Two things, we are attracting the right visitors and we have built their trust and credibility by designed an elegant website and, Yan’s network and charisma.

This comes back to having a good client, Yan has an informative and charismatic personality which drives people towards him. So when he has a conversion to someone about football, there’s a much stronger change that they will turn into a conversion.

Conversion rates, what’s with them, how do you get yours to improve? The conversion rate from your website is variant on a lot of things. Things to consider; The look of your product, the quality of your product, the performance of your service, your brand, your logo. The deciding factor in this scenario was having an elegant and informative website along with Yan as the face of the brand.

Overall, this website brought the team an immense amount of pride and joy. To build Yan an impressive website that looked great, but most importantly made him a significant amount of money and to bring his business to life was extremely fulfilling.

If you’ve got a child aged 4-15 be sure to head to his website and try his program!


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