Our client story

Lush Desserts

 We began working with Peter Little in early 2018, we quickly built significant rapport and added heavy value to his business. Peter owned Lush Desserts, which can be found in all good IGA’s across Australia and 72 Woolworth stores in Melbourne, Victoria. Prior to his website development, we supplied Peter with our digital advertising services, so Peter already knew the depth and quality of our work.

The problem? Peter had a currently website that was under performing, unfortunately he used a website company with a poor industry reputation prior to using our services, they charged $2000 for simply using a template. All of our websites are custom designed, meaning we design them to your specifications, rather than using a stock template that takes no work or skill to do.

Peter wanted his customers to know where to get his product. Peter has 4 different products and has two large distributors being IGA and Woolworths, so it was a quite a challenge. Our solutions was to build a location store and product finder. You can check out the end result here:


With this solution, we have now made it possible for people to find Lush Desserts via Facebook, Instagram & Google and to figure out not only the closest store to them, but to find out who is stocking what product and to even get directions directly to the closest venue through Google Maps.

We have now fully integrated an analytics and reporting system for Peter’s website which allows us to track where his traffic is coming from and how we are obtaining it. This then gives us further insight into where we should be spending our time and money when it comes to digital marketing.

We are stoked to update that Peter is selling nearly double his projected sales targets across Woolworths in Victoria, we hope to see him on a National level in the very near future, check out his website here: