Our client story

Miss Pickle Knox City

We began working with Miss Pickle towards the end of 2017. Initially Steve got on board for our social-media solution. Which saw us produce the photography, content and posts for his business. As things progress we saw the engagement and business concurrently excel. We love nothing more than seeing our clients get over and above their desired value.


After we obtained Steve some serious value and proved ourselves to be an invaluable asset to his business Steve then asked us to build him a website. Knowing the brand and company, we set to work to create something tailor-made to his desires that also produced impressive results.


There is a very fine line between an aesthetic website and a valuable one, the majority of company websites simply act as a reference point where people already know the brand and check out the website. At On Point Digital Solutions, we always seek to go one step further and to have the website as not just a reference point, but a discovery point to further convert customers. If your website is getting less than 100 visitors a month, you’re doing something wrong!


We have had customers come to us with poorly made websites who wonder why they aren’t seeing any value from their website. From here we query the analytics to see how site visitors are engaging with their site, nine times out of ten they have not had their analytics set up. ANALYTICS ARE CRUCIAL. If you’re paying for a new website in 2018 you must set your analytics set up to ensure you’re getting your ROI.


All of our websites are set up with Google Analytics, this allows us to see how long people are spending on each page, assess their bounce rate, how much traffic is going to their websites and pages on their website, what devices they are using, where they are in the world and most importantly how they ended up on the website, was it social-media? Google? Ad Words? All of the information mentioned is vital to the success of a website.


How do Steve’s results look? AMAZING. They are exactly what we want to see, with hundreds of new and returning visitors going to Miss Pickle’s website each and every week, we are thrilled with the success of this website. What’s most telling, is what people are doing on the website, 70% of traffic to our website spend over 3 minutes on the ‘Menu’ page, which is insightful and important information to us.


Are there other contributing factors to the success of campaigns? ABSOLUTELY! Miss Pickle has delicious food, good staff, a great venue and most importantly a good owner! When you combine all of those things together, a quality website acts as a catalyst of the success, it helps take the business to a new level and helps boost conversions.


We are stoked to have worked with such a unique and cool brand and to help bring his dream into a reality. Steve attributes us as being ‘The most important asset’ in his business and that means the world to us. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! If you’d like to get in touch with Steve to ask him some questions about his campaign, simply get in touch with us and we can tee something up. Be sure to head to Miss Pickle 1971 and get yourself a delicious Souvlaki, website can be found here: