Klint Neuro

We are physiotherapists who help adults and children recover from conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, inner ear and nerves.

Klint is a forward-thinking neurological physiotherapy private practice dedicated to treat adults and children with neurological, vestibular and facial conditions.

Our director Keegan believed that people with neurological conditions deserve more. He was frustrated at the lack of services for people who want to regain their quality of life and to continue their neuro-rehabilitation journey. He could also see the lack of evidence based practice that was plaguing the physical health industry, and the impact that it was having on people with conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries. 


Service We have provided & Outlined


On Point Digital Solutions are a pleasure to work with and I value their input and wisdom towards my company immensely.
Keegan Bow
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To create a website that was easy and convenient to use for all users. Klint Neuro Physiotherapy has patients from all walks of life and often has patients who have cognitive impairments from strokes and the like. We needed the site to be clear, to the point and to be highly educational. Keegan (owner) also requested WordPress as a CMS, as he was currently using a dated version of Drupal.

The goal for this website is build something that the team are proud of, and that is indexed highly with Google. If we achieve both of these things, we’ll be happy! Stay tuned.







Colours Used

Navy Blue
R 32
G 63
B 78
Blue Green
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G 172
B 152
R 255
G 204
B 28
Yellow Green
R 170
G 211
B 140
R 127
G 255
B 212
R 150
G 150
B 150