choose sepal for your baby's comfort & contentment

The mums & dads at Sepal have experienced challenges feeding their babies. But we can now offer solutions to support your choice and the safety of your baby.

Does your baby struggle with reflux? Were they born prematurely? Or do you need options to allow you to return to work? Whatever your special story, Sepal are here to offer you options.


Service We have provided & Outlined


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Plus laptop device


The brief was to transform the existing Sepal website which was outdated and clunky. With new photography & videography needed, our digital production team was tasked with capturing the Sepal brand in an organic and visually appealing way.

It was crucial for the website to be built on a platform that is easy to use for the Sepal staff. Business-to-business logins were also fundamental along with a  tiered pricing system. The website also needed to be integrated with Klaviyo, Calendly and Sellerdash which are existing third-party software integrations currently being used by the Sepal team. Finally there needed to be a store locator built in where users could search for their closest stockists.






Colours Used