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Why is SEO necessary for your business?

From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep, there are 3.5 BILLION Google searches. Kinda crazy, huh? Google has transformed the search and digital marketing landscape globally. It's more important to have your business visible on Google now, than it ever has been. 

What is SEO? SEO is an acroymn for Search Engine Optimisation, it's essentially a made up phrase that digital marketers coined several years ago, despite it being relatively made up, it's meaning and power are unrivaled in the digital space. In essence, SEO is when you make changes to optimise both the front-end of your website and actively work on the back-end of your website, so that Google's algorithms acknlowedge the site as valuable. 

When you consider the popularity of Google and the crediblity that being on the first page has for keyword terms, it's easy to understand how valuable it can be to certain businesses. Prior to getting clients on board, we gage the likelihood of success, by determining their current ranking, keyword competition level and volume of searches for the particular term they are looking to acquire. We are extremely honest and transparent and we only take clients on board who we firmly believe will obtain value from our services. 

We use the latest techniques to ensure that your business climbs up the rankings within our agreed period. Unfortunately, we see lots of people who have paid top dollar for their website, simply for it to sit there and be seen by word of mouth referals. Your website should be one the most valuable assets in your business. To have your website show up when people are actively searching for your product or service, is an incredible advantage that should be harnessed. 

If you're interested, get in touch with us and we can do a FREE AUDIT to ascertain if your business would obtain value from our SEO service. SEO is the best long-term marketing solution to your business. 

Our SEO Approach

A taste of what's involved in your campaign

Free Initial Consultation

Ultimately, we need to see if SEO is something that will work for your business and will create money for your business. If we don't think it will, we won't touch it. If we think it'll be a gold mine for you, then we will begin to further learn the ins and outs of your business & industry to enable us to design and implement a personalised SEO strategy that will see you reach your business goals.

Your SEO Strategy

Every business is different and every industry leaves us with different challenges, challenges we love to encounter! Our experience has seen us deliver results across a plethora of industries. There are over 200 factors that effect your SEO ranking, we audit your page and determine which ones will lift you up the rankings, then action them!

Content Creation

Websites often need fresh content on their pages to help improve the 'on-page' SEO. Our team of content writers and copywriters help reshape the wording of your website so that it increases the visbility and ranking on Google. We create fully customised and targeted content that will convey your businesses message best, all with your approval of course!

On-page & Off-page Optimisation

As soon are your website is made, it undergoes an inspection by Google. For your website to gain a high-ranking from Google it must have a trusted reputation and must look and act in a certain way. That's where we come in. We know what Google wants and we know how to get our clients on top of the first page. Our services are comprehensive, professional and most importantly get results!

Monthly Reporting

SEO is an extremely competitive field, there are plenty of rivals trying to get to the top of Google's rankings. We always ensure that our clients are ahead of the competition, we do this by constantly monitoring the rankings and keeping up to date with your position and growth. We also provide reports on the analytics of your website and help you understand how it is performing.

Ongoing Maintenance

SEO isn't easy, it changes regularly, so we have to ensure that we are always ahead of the game so that our clients get the value they deserve. Our team of experts continually monitor your progress and provide daily maintenance to improve your site rankings and building your site traffic organically.

If you’re looking to put your business on the map online, say hello to our friendly SEO experts in Melbourne.