Social Media Advertising

We’re in 2019. It’s no longer simple enough to post on Facebook or Instagram and gain organic value. Both platforms have evolved to a point where they only truly give true value to those placing money into their platforms. What we’re saying is; the social media glory days of posting and/or pressing the blue ‘boost button’ have come to an end.

If you want to make money through social-media, you need to be able to nearly perfectly architect an advertisement. Whether you’re looking to gain ‘likes’ make online sales, or get a juicy amount of engagement on a post, you’ll need to formulate an advertisement that is not only compelling, but one that hits your perfect target audience and is shown who people who care and likely to act.

That’s where we come in. Since we opened our company four years ago, we’ve spent over a million dollars on social media, through a multitude of industries, brands and ad placements. What we’re saying is, we know what we are doing.

Social Media continually changes, we are at Instagram and Facebook’s peril. With that in mind, company’s who do paid advertisements need to be on top of currently algorithms for clients and they need to be fully aware of what is driving the most ROI and reach. Our team spends hours per week researching and further developing their skills.

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